Dubai: Yakshagana artists arrive for ‘Lalithopakyana’ mega show on Jun 11

News: Shodhan Prasad

Dubai, Jun 8: Dubai Yakshagana Abhyasa Tharagati (DYAT) along with guest artists from Mangaluru are fully geared up to showcase their talents being prepared and now ready to stage a full-fledged Yakshagana Prasanga titled ‘Lalithopakyana’ (based on the famous mythological Devi Mahatme) with Precious Parties & Entertainment presenting the show under the able direction of Yakshaguru/Yaksha Mayura Shekar D Shetty on June 11 at 3.30 pm in Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, The Indian High School, Oud Metha Road, Dubai.

DYAT, an institution for teaching skills of one of the oldest art forms of coastal Karnataka ‘Yakshagana’ in Dubai, has been doing a wonderful job with over 70 children and elders attaining knowledge through the stalwarts Shekar D Shettigar and convener Dinesh Shetty Kottinja who are contributing their valuable time for over 3 years.

The guest artists who arrived were received by DYAT at Dubai International Airport a few days ago. The very famous young female Bhagwat Amrita Adiga along with Kaushik Rao Puthige who is a rhythmist in Maddale along with Savinaya Nellitheertha, Deepak Rao Pejavar, a famous leading lady characteristic, Gangadhar D Shettigar Kinnigoli who is a well-known costume designer, Nithin Kumpala, The make-up artiste have already arrived and joined the local artists of DYAT who are well prepared for the presentation. The main attraction star of the Yakshagana, Swarasamrat Yakshadruva Patla Satish Shetty will be arriving shortly and making the team complete for the presentation.

The fully trained 49-member team under the guidance of convener Kottinja Dinesh Shetty are ready to present themselves guided by Yaksha Mayura Guru Shekar D Shettigar who has trained them completely. On the whole, there will be record 72 members to perform under Shekar Shettigar’s direction and choreograph by Natyaguru Sharath Kudla.

A team of volunteers is already formed to take care of the entire program which will showcase the very old traditional style of performing art in the soil of Dubai and which will surely create a feast for the Yakshagana fans of Dubai.

On the occasion, DYAT this time, have come up with an ‘Yaksharaksha’ annual award presentation and they have identified and selected the well-known deserved artiste Prabhakar D Suvarna (president of Billwas Dubai) who will be honored during the event.

The program will start around 3.30 pm on June 11 with ‘Chauki Pooja’ followed by ‘Chende Jugalbandi’ at around 4.30 pm and the main presentation at around 5 pm which will go on until 9 pm with the complete presentation.

For the first time, there will be free ‘Sarvajanika Anna Santharpane’ after the show at 9 pm arranged by the donors of the programme.

Media coordinator, Girish Narayan Katipalla wants the news to reach all Tuluvas in and around United Arab Emirates who can join and participate in the rare festive occasion. Tuluvas in UAE are requested to support and make the event a grand success.