The trial of Vanessa Bryant’s invasion of privacy begins in Los Angeles

Los Angeles (AFP) – An institutional “culture of cruelty” has led Los Angeles County deputies and firefighters to take pictures of the remains of Kobe Bryant and other victims of the 2020 helicopter crash that killed the Lakers star, his 13-year-old daughter and seven people. Others, Bryant’s widow’s attorney told the jury Wednesday. Vanessa Bryant’s … Read more

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Who should be the scapegoat for rockets at 22-23?

We’re still a long way from NBA training camps until the opening, but it’s never too early to start looking for someone to blame for the Rockets’ misfortunes! It seems that every season, the Very Online Rockets Sphere (VORS) chooses someone, sometimes several, to blame the team for either not winning or not losing in … Read more

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MAN: Clippers realized they were ‘mentally stronger’ than jazz in 2021

In every great sport’s comeback, fans will forever think of the moment the tables were turned. Whether it’s a rousing coach speech, an injury to a key opposing player or your star enough decision making – though we’re often left not quite knowing what changed the momentum of the biggest matches. However, when Los Angeles … Read more

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Warriors hope Pat Spencer’s eyes will jump from lacrosse to NBA

Northwestern men’s basketball coach Chris Collins was skeptical when he first heard about a lacrosse player interested in big hoops. It wasn’t that Pat Spencer hadn’t played sports competitively since high school. Just a few weeks ago, he crowned one of the greatest careers in college lacrosse history by winning the Tiwaraton Prize – the … Read more

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Kevin Durant orders a trade from Brookyn Nets

30 June 2022 Tim BontempsESPN In a decision that could transform the NBA for years to come, the star of the franchise Kevin Durant Rich Kleiman, his manager, requested a deal from the Brooklyn Nets Thursday, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Kleiman told ESPN that Nets general manager Sean Marks is working with Durant and … Read more

Tottenham news: The team signs Jordan Hall for a two-year deal, Keldon

Here’s the latest Tottenham news out of the season. San Antonio – The San Antonio Spurs and the rest of the NBA are in great shape, but you may have missed some Spurs news and notes. Let us share with you some of the latest Tottenham news and more. Spears signs Jordan Hall The San … Read more

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Meet the local artist credited with creating and designing the original San Antonio Spurs logo

Saint Anthony – This story originally aired on KSAT News Now, airing Monday through Friday at 11am on, KSAT+ and YouTube Live. Watch KSAT news now here. The San Antonio Spurs logo is one of the most popular professional sports logos across the country, but for nearly 50 years, it was just another project … Read more

6-time NBA champion Michael Jordan takes the NBA “Women and Life on the Road” theme after Magic Johnson announced HIV

Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement shocked the world and served as a wake-up call to the rest of the NBA’s athletes to make major lifestyle changes. Michael Jordan had just won his first NBA Finals, defeating Magic Johnson. They were about to lead a dream team that the entire world could not wait to see. Yes, … Read more

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ESPN’s prediction for Knicks record for 2022-23 season is no surprise off the base

In 2021-22, New York Knicks He finished the regular season with 37-45 and was eliminated from the championship. Since then, New York has taken one decisive step in particular, Who was signing point guard Galen Bronson in free agency. Two decades have passed. If the Utah Jazz trades three-time All-Star Donovan Mitchell, the Knicks are … Read more

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Washington Wizards Celebrate 25th Anniversary Throughout 2022-23 Season

Classic uniforms, new court design, retro merchandise and More major anniversaries Washington DC The Washington Wizards revealed their campaign for the 2022-23 season to celebrate the team’s 25th birthdayThe tenth Anniversary since rebranding to Wizards in 1997. To celebrate the season, Washington will unveil its new Classic Edition shirt highlighted by a white, blue and … Read more

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